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The Other Opinion & The Holy Quran

The holy Qruan opens the door wide for the other opinion and never suppresses such opinions. Suppression stemmed from narrations and sayings of rulers and theologians. In the following article the Qur

Avoid Violence, Discard Differences and Respect the other’s Opinion

The Great Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Said Al – Hakim says: I – Such campaigns, though fierce, are predictable in view of the Shia stance articulating the word of truth. The Shia tread a different

Liberty in Islam

Perhaps some one may say: It is unlikely to link Islam with the word liberty because this concept came into use centuries after the arrival of Islam, therefore it is alien from Islam. Yet it is unfai

Islam is the religion of peace, purity, acceptance and commitment.

It’s the religion of the right principles that God had laid down (praise be to God) for the welfare of all his mankind, and ordered them to follow it’s rules.
The Islamic religion releases the chain, breaks the bounds, and it motivated mankind to deal with matters in a better way.
It also gather the Free Muslim whose goal is to acquaint the reader with the right ideas, defend the basis of Islam, and educate the Islamic society on a non violence basis, through the Free spirit of speech and by accepting the opinions of others in the objectivity of the seeker of truth, so that may ultimately be convinced that the teachings of Islam is the religion of right, because Islam is a complete religion that addresses all aspects of life.
Imam Sayid Muhammad Al Hussaini Al Shirazi.